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It is believed that life energy emanating from the Ankh can be absorbed by anyone within a certain proximity; and anyone wearing the Ankh, or is in the presence of someone wearing the Ankh, is Divinely Protected

The Ankh serves as an antenna or conduit for the Divine Power of Life that permeates the Universe. It has been my favorite symbol for a long time. I remember seeing it for the first time at the age of twelve in one of my mother's books on Egypt and sat staring at it for ages — I'm still not sure what I actually saw — but I remember being mesmerized by the shape and the hieroglyphics inscribed on it. In hindsight I realize that memories were being unlocked within me that would be very useful to me much later on in my life.

In 2002 I was first invited to work in Namibia as a healer. Whenever I am there, I have my greatest AHA moments. During one of my meditations, rather unexpectedly, the crucifix appeared to me. At first I was quite bewildered but I allowed myself to go wherever it was taking me. In a flash of gold, the crucifix transformed into the Ankh. It felt as though every cell in my body was being 'unlocked' and I could physically feel information being activated in my cells. I felt a huge wave of peace wash over me that I cannot explain, and everything became crystal clear in my mind... as if I had just awoken from a deep sleep and seeing things clearly for the first time. Since then, I have used the Ankh as tool in my healing practice, with amazing results. In a nutshell, this is what I have understood: To me the crucifix symbolizes suffering. Those of us who have been brought up in a Christian society are well versed on how Jesus suffered and died on the cross for us. My religious teachers went to great lengths to describe the terrible torture of this great master. All I remember when looking at the images of Him splayed out on the cross, was my silent, inner screams: 'Please take Him off that cross! Hasn't he suffered enough?' We all have our 'cross to bear' — that is part of our human experience — but the time and opportunity has arrived for humans to end our suffering and to resurrect our consciousness. The loop represents the resurrection of the human mind (consciousness) and the need for us to think and perceive things on a higher level. It is one of the most ancient symbols known as the Original Cross and is said to have been first created by Africans in Ancient Egypt. It is more commonly known as the 'Key of Life' and one of the most powerful symbols representing understanding, transformation and and resurrection. In ancient times it was used by the Masters of Keeping Frequencies as a frequency modulator, who were able to direct and influence energies using these frequencies. It is similar to a tuning fork that can direct sound. When used in its integrity, it is the primary key that unlocks the mysteries between heaven and earth, i.e. the secrets of the Universe. Because of its appeal, it was used in various religious and cultural rituals involving royalty. In the Treasures of Tutankhamen (Tut-Ankh-Amen) the Ankh was a major artifact found in his tomb.

We have an electromagnetic energy field surrounding our body shaped like the Ankh, holding our unique frequency or 'identity'. This vibration holds symbols, codes and keys that are activated as we progress and grow and unlock the mind to a higher state of consciousness.

According to Credo Mutwa, Africa’s most highly ordained Sangoma and prophet, the Ankh is not of Egyptian origin, but was lifted from sub-Saharan Africa where it was known over the entire continent as the ‘knot of life’. It is the symbol of the one-legged sungod, Mvelinqangi, whose return has been long awaited by the African people. Whether or not the Africans nurtured this symbol before it was immortalized by the Egyptians, it still suggests an enlightened understanding which traces knowledge back to one original source.

Understanding the Ankh:

• It represents the unity of spirit and matter, showing the necessity to find balance in all things: male/female, active/passive, positive/negative so that we can merge the opposing forces within and unite with the Divine

• It is said that Jesus ascended holding the Ankh which is why it is seen as the Symbol of Ascension. It has appeared in Egyptian writings symbolizing the Resurrection of Jesus (Christ Consciousness) and the Heavenly Marriage (eternal life). Jesus ascended with his body intact (symbolizing the unity of spirit and matter) and only when we have understood the complete workings of spirit and matter, can we end the cycle of death and re-birth.

• The loop symbolizes the sun on the horizon (sunrise), while the crossbar represents the horizon. The vertical section below the crossbar would be the path of the sun, suggesting that we have reincarnated many times in order to acquire our knowledge and wisdom

• It resembles a sandal with the loop at the top forming the strap around the ankle, the horizontal bar forms the strap across the width of the foot, and the vertical bar reaches between the big toe and 2nd toe. The purpose of using it as a symbol on our feet is to remind us that we are always connected to earth and nature through our feet. Visualize yourself wearing these ‘shoes’ that unlock a flow of energy, like the roots of a tree connecting you to the earth, absorbing support and nourishment from the earth into each cell of your body… see what happens when you do this often enough…

• It is the key to the use of our breath – without our breath we would die. Unlocking, and working with our breath in a specific way aids our spiritual development, as the out-breath produces a sound which is a powerful tool for re-building, transforming, shifting and regenerating energy.

• It is the key that opens the doorway to the heart. As we learn to love ourselves, the love vibration we carry within unlocks and activates the codes, keys and symbols in our energy field, and so we release love into the world.

• It is the key that unlocks the pyramid of the mind in which memories of rejuvenation are stored. It opens the door to silencing the mind, bringing in mental disciplines necessary to examine ourselves internally and unlocks the healing frequencies that balance any distortions and allows the necessary healing to take place.

• Our most ancient wisdom and knowledge is stored in our blood and bones and the Ankh unlocks and activates this sacred knowledge and information, allowing it to become integrated into our bodies. Blood is produced in our bones, and integrating this awareness literally means this information is now ’in our bones and blood’.

• Earth’s most ancient knowledge is stored in the rocks and the stones embedded in her (the stones being the bones) and using the Ankh in its integrity unlocks many of Mother Nature’s secrets.

• It unlocks knowledge from the past. Many have (unknowingly) held deep sadness within stemming from the past. At the appropriate time this information will be ‘unlocked’ enabling you to confront and deal with situations that need to be resolved.

• It unlocks hidden memories within our cells that help us to bring into our world the treasures of our true spirit.


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